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The Vignelli Cannon

While I took the time to fully read this brochure I came to the conclusion that I had no idea what measures had to be taken in order to be successful in design. It started out with the semantics. Anyone can think that an image or a creation was pretty but is their depth? When you look at the piece is there a message that comes across? All of these questions came to mind as I began to read over “The Vignelli Cannon.” I think that when it comes to typography that font does truly make a difference. Especially since this class is online based by having different and unique fonts making an impression on the viewer. The author also talked about that even the black space that isn’t used makes an effect on the design itself. It allows not only for the mind to create their own interpretation but to make a conclusion for the artists use of the fonts. I have a family member who is a graphic designer and I have had the opportunity to see him do what he does best. It takes time, precision, and a vision. A vision that is known to make a mark or an impact on whoever sees the design. When it comes to creating a design I realize that it is going to take time. It isn’t going to be something that will happen magically it is a process. I have to start out with an idea and see where it leads me. I also know that it will be a trial and error but I know that with the process it will lead to an effective final product.

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