Weekly Summaries

Weekly Summary 2

Week two is officially done! I have had to the pleasure of recapping the world of Open Sourcing but with the twist of the origin of the Slender man. Open Sourcing which I had learned in a previous class with Paul Bond and Jim Groom was a refreshing article to read since I had a very in depth understanding of this topic. I had no idea about the formation of Slender man and I only knew him from the video game so by reading this article it was very fascinating about how much growth became from one character. When it came to reading the article of Web 2.0 I learned that when it came to this course it really gives a perspective on how much the web has progressed and that by having this blog it is a testimony to such prosperity. When going over the videos which were all about dolls it was actually really enjoyable to watch these. I have never seen anything like that when a doll gets to the point that they come to life and create chaos. I have seen clips from the Twilight Zone however, never that segment so I really had a pleasure watching the dolls. My favorite part of this week had to be picking out my favorite phobia and going through a list. I even read through the list the day after just amazed that some fears actually existed for example the fear of garlic. This week was most challenging especially when it came down to choosing which assignment to do in the bank. I had to figure out which ones were appealing to me so when I saw the assignment of making a GIF of your favorite musician that was a dead give away! It wasn’t hard to find a site at all and making the GIF only took a matter of a few min. I choose an artist from Australia named Dean Ray who I have been a fan of for the past year and I thought since I was obsessed with his new music video it would be perfect for the assignment.



The next assignment that I did was the Bucket List. I thought that this would be a fun one because I had recently talked to my mother about studying abroad in the next year and the opportunity to travel and get life experiences. It was really hard to pick only four so I had really dig deep and think if I could do anything on my bucket list in the next two days what would they be.


This assignment connected with my last one which was the dream vacation. I thought since on my bucket list I put that I wanted to take a trip to India I thought it would be appropriate to use that for this. It wasn’t hard since I already had a pinterest account and had experience of using it. The challenge was to figure out what pictures to use since there were so many and to research a bit about the traveling that would be necessary to get to my destination. I first picked a month based on the Holi festival was in march and I decided that with all of the places I wanted to go to it would mean I would have to be there a least a month. This came to the conclusion that I would try to backpack and see where the culture would take me knowing that it would be a lasting memory.

The last thing that I did this week was fixing my appearance for the blog. I already had a design however, as the week progressed I realized that it didn’t suit the purpose of the site and chose a different theme. I used the same picture as before with additional photos for the homepage to enhance the visual effect of my site. I changed the “enter here” to “death wish” feeling that it was a way to give a little fear to start off the site. I also made an about page so people would understand the purpose of the site and also to get to know me better. This leads to the most difficult part of my week which was the plugins. I don’t know why but to activate them and put them on this site was a complete crash course on its own because I have so many accounts and I was mixing up all of my passwords. After I got over that hiccup everything else went smoothly and overall I had a great experience with the tasks that were at hand this week.

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