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Weekly Summary: Week Three

As week three has come to a close there is much to reflect on with what has been accomplished this week. I started off with with reading “The Lottery” and “The Last Respects” with this assignment I choose these two reads not only because I truly enjoy reading but the fact that with reading it brings more imagination to the stories. I had connected it to the first reading to the course in the fact that both authors used an element of surprise by adding a twist to the untold tale that was horrific and disturbing. If I could have done anything different for this assignment it would have been to chosen the videos versus the readings to get a new view on more horror stories. I would have also taken more time to go back to the reading on the tales of horror and maybe gotten a better grasp on the ideas that were put out by Stephen King.

The next assignment on the list was the story shape. Watching this video was refreshing in a way that it gave a new way to look at stories and how they unfold. When it came to choosing a reading I decided to use the comic “The Last Respects.” I chose this not only for its content but for this read it had many ups and downs that were similar to what was said in the video. I re-read the story itself and the video and then in my head started to line up with the series of events to the demonstration that was given in the video. I knew that it was a perfect fit and it I had to do anything to improve it I would have maybe done a visual. I am a visual learner myself and I think it I had done a video similar to the one for this assignment it would have been a perfect tie in.

The host character. This was an exciting and most frustrating task of the week for me hands down. I had no idea what would be an ideal host cast, let alone one that would suit me and make me want to write more with it. What I did first was I looked at the links that were given and reminded myself of the host characters that were seen in previous stories and videos in this class. Then I looked at my website. I thought about the title of the site “The Last Breath” and how I really wanted to keep everything together in regards to content to make it as if that was her site. Having all of these thoughts in mind I created the Death Whisperer. Introducing her was a little bit tricky because I didn’t have any idea how to bring her up, what her back story would be etc. So I went on to sound cloud to see if anything would bring me some inspiration. I had found a vocal created with hollow wing. I felt connected to it and thought it would be a perfect add in and give an ambiance to the character. From there I decided to give her a background story and since the background from my site is of the woods why not make that the appropriate place of her death and becoming the character that she is today. If I could have done anything to improve on introducing her I would have to agree with Paul bond and have had an audio introduction with my vocals narrating her story with the howling winds in the background. That would have been a great way to really give off her haunting aura that surrounds her and the others that she comes in contact with.

When it came to the writing assignments I had a blast doing them. I did two 4 star assignments and the first was describing my lunch. I did it because I really had a good lunch that day at Qdoba and I was pretty proud of my creation. I realized describing a meal is a lot harder than it seems. You want to give the reader a image that they can really get a feel of what you actually ate and to use descriptive words to make it more realistic and not generic. I first had to think back at what I had in my bowl in the first place. Then I started to list it all out on the post. I would then divide it up and go into more detail for each ingredient. If I had anything I could have done to improve the assignment it would have to find better descriptive words because that was a challenge to find unique ways in describing your lunch besides saying it was amazing.

The second writing assignment that was four stars was to have a monologue of a household tool. When I chose this assignment I knew it had to connect to a story so I decided to use the Twilight Zone and have the monologue come from the circular saw in the basement. I chose this because it was used in the story to try to “kill” Talking Tina. I had a ton of fun writing this because to have it in the perspective of a tool. It took me a while to chose a story but after realizing that this one would have a great view on the story itself and that it had a major role in the story it was a shoe in for the assignment. I went through the story in my head and thought I would first give it a little bit of a description so that the reader can get an idea of what the tool is in the beginning. Then I made the tool feel like it had a special connection to the father of the household making it feel that it had to make him proud. If I had anything to do to make a difference in this assignment it would have to be to have another paragraph talking about hearing the father down the stairs and maybe hearing what happened upstairs through the vents.

The Daily Creates that I did were:

The Ocean that is a lake


Adding to the poem on twitter


Remaking a movie title by changing a letter and drawing a scene


The Daily Creates this week were really interesting in the way I had to really think outside the box. I was thrown off with trying to write a short story about my own “ocean.” I used an actual childhood story and added a twist to make it more relevant for the assignment. For the poem on twitter it was very thrilling because I never had done anything like it before and to be a part of something like that made me feel like it was adding onto a piece of art. The last daily create that I did was replacing the title Gone Girl and made it Bone Girl. I thought that by changing it to this since it is coming up into halloween season and it would add humor to such a dramatic original movie title.

I had a blast with all the assignments and I hope that all the categories that I did actually work in my favor because that was also a struggle for me. In the end I got it down so its all good. Until next time I will see you all on the web!

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