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Weekly Summary

First week down! This first week has been a total whirlwind experience for me.  I have never taken an online class so becoming adjusted to make my own schedule for this class was a whole new adjustment. I also had no idea what genre was going to be thrown at us so having it coming out to be horror was actually refreshing. I have never attempted to even get into horror films because my friends joke I get scared to easily but I proved myself victorious when I watched “Creepshow.” The movie itself left me with many emotions with two main ones being disgust from all of the bugs and disturbance from the idea that people would have such a sick and twisted mind. In the end of this first week I have to say I am more of a fan of the genre in general especially after the article to hear the history and all of the types of films that were mentioned. I had already made a domain in a previous class however, this time I had to put my creativity to the test when it came to making a name for my blog and trying to design the site itself. At first the background was a little difficult because it was making it harder for the text of my posts to be visible. Today I finally fixed the site to have the image on the side so it finally looks cleaned up. I learned this week to use Flikr and Soundcloud because I have never used those sights before. I also learned how to link better when it came to hashtags. When I first went to put up my posts I realize that when you don’t put a hashtag it is as if the post never existed for the course. After I read the article and watched the movie I learned that horror has so many elements it has fear, murder, blood, violence and suspenseful music. I learned that if I could change a few things I think I would go back and make more creative titles for my other media sites. I think that it would allow a better connection to the theme and perhaps made a character in the process. It was easier for me to write a scary story than I thought it would be because while I wrote it felt like a I was at a campfire telling a story. I think the hardest part for me this week would have to be setting up the site and trying to link everything together. I was just having issues of trying to figure out what to put, how to put it on there, etc. What drove me crazy had to be the movie. I had never heard of it before and to see that is was short stories it was just crazy but in a good way. I’m going to confess the first story I jumped a little. In the end I actually enjoyed the stories from the movie my favorite being the man who buried his victims in the sand. I guess to see that they came back and getting revenge on him is so sweet.

I’m looking forward to see what next week unfolds!












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  1. Having to set your own schedule is a bigger challenge than people expect, I think, but you handled it well. Get on it early and do a little each day and you shouldn’t have a problem. I’m curious about your comment on people with sick and twisted minds – Does that reference the characters in the movie or the people who wrote the stories?

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